Introduction to Oman Rail

Oman Rail is the developer and operator of Oman's national railway project.

The railway is strategically one of the most important projects, and will transform the transportation landscape of the Sultanate. By providing a cost-effective, faster, safer and more reliable transportation system, Oman Rail will facilitate the economic and social development of Oman. The rail will create significant job opportunities, connect economic development centers, open up new trade corridors and journey opportunities, and enable Omani companies to become more competitive internationally.

Opportunity for Vendors

Oman Rail is about to embark on the major construction phase of the railway, including the laying of 2,244km of track, the construction of 35km of tunnels and 40km of bridges, and the building of 50 terminals and 8 marshalling yards. In total, this will require 12,000km of track, 10 million concrete sleepers and 40 million fasteners.

Throughout the build phase and operation phase, Oman Rail is committed to keeping as much of the procurement in country as possible, thus significantly contributing to the economy and stimulating local industry. As such, Oman Rail is currently looking for vendors across the rail value chain (from construction, through to operation of terminals). In particular, at this time, Oman Rail is particularly targeting vendors in the following industries:

  • Engineering services
  • Contracting (Civil & MEP)
  • Building materials
  • Railways track materials
  • Railway Equipment
  • Professional services
All potential vendors, across all industries, are encouraged to register their contact information on this site. Further details regarding the vendor sign up process are included in the Vendor Sign Up Process page.

Technical Details

  • Total Length of 2,244 km
  • Divided into 9 Segments, spanning from the Yemeni border in the south, to the UAE border in the north
  • Double non-electrified track
  • Mixed Freight and Passenger traffic
  • Maximum speed of 120 km/h for freight trains and 220 km/h for passenger trains
  • Maximum permissible axle load: 32.4 tons
  • Design Standards: Arema/International Std; Signaling System based on ETCS Level 2
  • Telecommunication System based on GSM-R based
Oman Railway

Vision Statement

Develop the railway network so that logistics industry becomes a significant GDP player and Oman becomes the region’s gateway.